Venture capital consists of funds that are made available to entrepreneurs and new businesses that need funding in order to start their business or expand further, and are usually in a situation where they cannot get loans. This is also known as "Private Equity." The investment is made by angel investors or business angel groups who believe that the start-up business will succeed in the long term, in which case the investor not only makes the initial investment back, but a percentage of the company's future profits too.

Several venture capital firms have been established in Australia over the past decade. Acknowledging the surge of Australian entrepreneurs and successful start up businesses in recent years, many of them are looking for more start-ups to invest in.

The Australian Investment Network features thousands of entrepreneurs looking to obtain either start-up funding or expansion capital for their companies. They have matched several hundred businesses with angel investors and angel groups who are looking for investment opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and companies looking for venture capital range across a wide variety of sectors, from innovative inventions and revolutionary improvements in technology, to property development and retail stores. This network aims to not only give entrepreneurs the chance to connect with business angels with capital to invest, but also with individuals who are familiar with the type of market that your product or service is targeting.

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