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New!        2016 Total Solar Eclipse        Join Us! 

The track of the 2016 Eclipse on March 9th will cross land only after moving over Indonesia where, compared to oceanic sites further east, there is a higher chance of overcast skies, the moon’s shadow falls only on open ocean.  Then the track heads northeast over the Pacific. It will pass some 500 miles from Guam, and — encountering clearer and clearer weather — pass northwest of Hawaii. That’s the best chance to see it.

Special Interest Tours has once again convinced world-renowned astronomer Bob Berman to lead the group, and we have charted the ONLY large cruise ship legally allowed to sail the Hawaiian chain.

Our one-week itinerary includes stops in several Hawaiian islands and a trip to the eclipse centerline.

Ample open deck space will allow topside eclipse viewing for all. However, only half of the balcony cabins will face the eclipse. Though all on board will be able to see the eclipse, only those in the select balcony cabins can view the event from the comfort and privacy of their cabins. One more reason to book and reserve early! 

It may sound like a long time away but, the most affordable cabins are available now. And, our group will probably be the only group who sees this celestial event.    

Join us for this exciting once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 

See the Southern Sky from the Atacama Desert and the Andes.

Chile & Peru (Machu Picchu) OR one or the other. 

AN AMAZING, UNFORGETTABLE 7-DAY 6-NIGHT EXPERIENCE WITH BOB BERMAN in Chile and/or 6-Days 5 Nights in Machu Picchu.  

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Special Interest Tours has teamed up with THE OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC and astronomer Bob Berman to invite you to join us on tours that will be amazing and informative, and that you will remember forever.

Accompanied by experts in specific fields, we will travel to some of the most fascinating places in the world to experience astronomical events such as total solar eclipses and grand auroral displays, as well as to locations that complement an existing hobby, passion, or profession—or inspire a new one.


Based on 20 years of experience conducting such tours, we promise safe, comfortable journeys to exceptional destinations.





Bob Berman, who leads our astronomy tours, is the author of nine books, has been a guest on the David Letterman show, is the astronomy editor of The Old Farmers Almanac, and a long-time columnist with first Discover and then Astronomy magazines. His easy-going lecture style is a unique blend of mind-bending science and humor.